EFT Information

As part of our ongoing effort to provide our customers with the best service, City Center Parking is pleased to offer you a free service: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) capability. You can utilize this service to process your monthly payment

EFT works by debiting your checking or savings account on a set date for a set amount, eliminating your need to write a check. Using EFT has been proven to cut down on personal expenses (postage, envelopes, potential late payment fees, etc.) and allows people to manage their personal finances by knowing the exact date and amount that their account will be charged.

Using checks to make payments has proven to have a much higher fraud risk than through most electronic means of payment. In fact, fraud through stolen checks is at an all time high, and as consumers look for more sophisticated tools to protect themselves from fraud, EFT has proven to be a powerful tool in this battle.